Replacement Parts:

If a part you need is not listed, please call us at 724.225.5582 or email us at and we will arrange a method to get you the parts you need.

Part Price
Ball Bearings (for clamps or nock receiver bar on Multi-Fletcher or mono block on Mono-Fletcher) $1.50 (set of 12)
Multi-Springs $.50 (each)
Clamps Spring (for all clamps) $0.50 (each)
Straight Boss (for straight clamps) $1.00 (each)
Helical Boss (for right or left helical clamps) $1.00 (each)
Multi-Frame ONLY!!! (NOTE: This jig comes with NO clamps and NO nock receivers) $35.00 (each)
Mono-Frame ONLY!!! (NOTE: This jig comes with NO clamp and NO nock receiver) $20.00 (each)
Twin Line Bow Gauge $42.00 (each)

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